Hello World, Welcome to Mostly Odd

Hello World, Welcome to Mostly Odd

This is my personal site where I write about whatever I like. Either a deep dive into something I’m interested in, or about how things are connected in unusual ways. The only theme is that they are hopefully interesting to me and to you. Certainly keeps me from being too focused in what I think about.  I may even throw in a blog post or two, heck, if I ever make Youtube videos I can link to those too.


The answer would be me. I’m Alexandre (or Alex), nice to meet you. I’m currently a graduate student in Physics, but these things change so quickly. Because of my background I may even spend some time talking about the dreaded physics at some point. You’ve been warned. If you want any more information then head to the About page where you can find out all… about me.

I Have Thoughts And Ideas!

If you have any ideas or facts that you think I should mention, then please do let me know! Finding facts on my own does sometimes get rather difficult. Head over to the Contact page and send an email, or drop a comment mentioning your fact and I will see if I can pursue it.

What Do I Do Now?

If you don’t want to be checking this website for articles in your precious time, consider subscribing to the email list in the right sidebar. Otherwise I can only say that you should enjoy life, remain curious, and if you enjoy the site, then please do share any posts, comment or donate.

Right, this page is practically finished. Now go! Learn, live long, and prosper. If you are uncertain about what to start with, may I recommend you start with a deadly mice utopia or a large forest made up of a single tree? If that isn’t to taste how about when the Niagara falls went dry, or even the world’s most kissed face? It’s your choice, I hope you find something you like.

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