How Much Monopoly Money?

Monopoly MoneyYou may have heard that, “more Monopoly Money is printed each year than is printed by the United States.” This is utterly false, which is a shame, but at least you know now.

When we make 1 monopoly note equal to $1(USD) and a 500 monopoly note equal to a $500 we see that there is a lot of money though. In the 78 years since the first publication on the Monopoly game, they have printed approximately $10,000,000,000. For those of you less inclined to count zeroes, that is 10 billion dollars. A sizeable amount, and more than the United States prints in any given year, however the United States prints just over 10 billion dollars every 14 years or so.

This means that the United States Government is currently out in the lead and doing a capital job of it too, maintaining a monopoly on money printing. As another advantage, their money is actually worth something, which might be important.

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